Javid Sattar

Number & Sms Generator

Maybe you’ve ever come across that you’re asking for your contacts in batches of duplicate SMS such as:

Happy new year

Invitation to the meeting

Remind a specific topic and …

Or you may want to insert the name of any contact into your SMS!

It’s hard and time consuming to do this for each individual audience.

We created this feature so you can send a group of SMS contacts and you can insert the name of the contact into the text message.

You can even change the name of each contact individually before sending a group and send your SMS at a very high speed and see the result of the postings on the chart.

Dialer is a special feature of this app !!

You can use this section to generate an arbitrary number of numbers and save in one file. For each of the items produced, it also has the ability to:


Save to contacts

Send SMS

There is storage on the clipboard.

This is a very functional application for your loved ones.



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